Gay Dating Tips


Gay Dating Tips

You probably have read many do’s and don’ts about gay dating tips. Here a some very simple rules to live by. Keeping everything simple is the way to go. You want to get to know the person and see if there is potential for a second date. Just remember to try and relax and be yourself!

Before The Date

  • Take a moment to reflect on what you want in your life and stick to your values and goals. Just because you are super attracted to him doesn’t mean its going to work out and, conversely, not being attracted to him doesn’t mean it won’t work, either. If you are looking to settle down and he is interested in an open relationship, it will not work! Move on!

The Date

  • Stay away from giving your date a nickname or labeling. Even though we loooove labeling everything (admit it), it is best to just stay away from it.
  • Make sure not to advertise the details of your first date on any social media platforms, especially Facebook. You want to enjoy your evening together and not have friends randomly show up!
  • Speaking of Facebook, stay away from it altogether. Do not add him to your friends list until you know you guys click. Imagine this: You friend him on Facebook before you even meet, then after the date goes horrible you get to read all of his posts about how bad it went. Or worse, come home to find that he’s already unfriended you— OUCH!
  • Turn off your phone. It is extremely distracting and very rude to check your phone especially during a meal, and especially on a first date. If you want to make a good impression make sure you pay attention to what your date is saying. You don’t want your dating app to be going off while on the date, so put your phone away. Awkward!

After The Date

  • Again: keep it simple! Try and figure out if he is interested in a second date. Just ask and see what he says. If there is any hesitation, just don’t take any offence. You never know what could be going on in their lives; this could be the first time back into the dating world after a bad breakup, and they just realized they are not ready that day. If you keep your cool they may call you a few months later when they are ready! You never know.
  • If they are interested, then just remember to stick to your values and goals you set out for yourself earlier. I know it sounds super cheesy and very after-school-special, but always be true to you – at the end of the day, your happiness is what’s most important, and compromising yourself for another person will only hurt both of you in the end.

Happy dating!