• Adam

  • 57, Single, Gay Davenport, Iowa
  • Last Active: Over 1 month ago


I'm Looking For

  • Gay, Bisexual, Bicurious
  • Ages 18-50
  • For friendship, long term, dating

My Story

I have a BS Geography degree from Penn State University... I wanted to be a teacher but ran out of money.
I served my country... drove an M1A1 "Abrams" in a war & also in Germany... in which I received many commendations.
I am a Certified Welder... a Licensed Disc Jockey... and what I do now...
I have been hauling oversize machinery across America for the past 17 years.
Oh yea... and I'm GAY!!!

So let me ask all of you a question... do YOU think you could possible do what I do... being GAY?

I am so tired hearing how I may be cute but I'm too damn old by most of you!
I'm lonely... I want a boyfriend... someone I can enjoy the rest of my life.
Yea, I get moody sometimes, but I will also die for you.
I'm a Cancer / Leo

So, if you're looking for someone who will bleed for you, worship you, treat you like ur GOD... write to me, or answer my emails.
If my age is the deciding factor... then you're a shallow fuck & not hearing f

Ideal Match

My ideal match would be someone who likes to cuddle. Who isn't afraid of holding my hand in public... or will accept genuine love. I want someone who is honest... someone who will let me open their door, get drenched while you stay dry... walk on the outside of a sidewalk. I want someone who will let me hug them while they cry on my shoulder.
I would love someone who likes to kayak, downhill ski (and won't laugh at me too hard as I wipeout in a ball of snow), cave explore, hike, camp out, and will let me love them for all eternity.
I want someone who will let me worship the ground they walk on...
I want hugs & kisses
Is that too much to ask???

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